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Assalamualaikum to all...:crab1:
I just wanna share a cool stuff here with y' Its an online dictionary!!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.complus, not only a type of it, there are Malay-Malay, Malay-English, Malay-Chinese, English-English, English-Malay, English-Chinese, Chinese-Chinese, Chinese-Malay and also others dictionaries such as medical, philosophy, science etc... fuhhh... blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comQuite a lot right?? hehehehhe just pick your dictionary type and key in a word, then... jeng!! jeng!! hahhaaha so you will get the meaning-lahh.. For students, I guaranteed this cool stuff very useful to y'all... am I right?? Its only required an internet simple!!!
A'ight, thats all for now, ok.. hope this stuff can be useful to y'all.. amin.

Your Online Dictionary <--klik sini

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Where Art Thou, Ejam???

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